Baizhangji Feiyun Lake Scenic Resort


⏰ 06:57 - 17:02

🌏 Within the County, Wencheng County 325300 China (View map)

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Paul S

Great views and excellent cardio workout.

I visited the falls in December 2019 with business friends from the area and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I reminded me of the the steps in Capri Italy that my wife and I climbed in September 2019. I would definitely visit again.
Aaron C

The most famous place for the locals - definitely rarely visited by foreigners

I visited the park with my wife and in-laws (who were born in the area) in July 2015. We found it very well tended and recently renovated to attract more tourists from the region. The scenery and above all the three waterfalls are really stunning. You can climb to the top of the #1 waterfall but you won’t be able to see the waterfall from the top (the map shows two paths, one with elevator, but it looks like only one is finished). Also, make sure you have some mean of transportation back because as soon as you reach the top you are out of the park and you need to get another ticket to go back to the main entrance!

The world loves you

We visited Baizhangji Scenic Spot twice together with my Cinese friend. He was born in Wencheng county and he was happy to show such exellent place.
There are montains covered with forest, bizarre rock forms? flowering trees and singing birds, but the most famous attraction of this area are three waterfalls.
The park is very big, 558,8 square kilometers, it’s difficult to see everything one day.
But it’s necessary to visit the highest waterfall First Ji on first section with height 208 meters and Seconf Ji with hole in rock behind waterfall.
The impressions are so strong that it can completely turn attitude.
That’s what happened to me in the rocks, the water flows, the mountain slopes with lush vegetation in the spray of the mighty waterfalls.

For to go to First Ji, it’s necessary to enter the park from the top platform, which is located opposit the lake Tianding. You may see lake from the road. It’s interesting place for the visit also.
But Baizhangji Spot is not only the intersting place, it’s the faerice place whatever the wether. Of course, the late spring and early summer are best to visit Baizhangji.
And it will be better, if it will not raining, because there are many ladders, sometimes with very steep steps.
For this reason, the movement of the park requires adequate physical form.
But the impressions gained during the walk up the steep stairs are worth it).
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