Beijian Bridge


🌏 Beijian Bridge, Xiaqiao Village, Sixi Town, Taishun County 325504 China (View map)

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Unforgettable !

One of the most interesting wood bridge of the Taishun area due to its location close to the junction of 2 Rivers.

Seldom, there is also a tree of the kind used to build the bridges and a "stone step bridge" (equidistant successive stone allow to walk from stone to stone with the water flowing in between) that you have to cross before reaching Beijing bridge.
On the other side, you can visit a museum where you can see the models of all the Taishun bridges and further historical documents. I visited the bridges on 3 days by car with the guide-driver. Really great!
Alan P

Beijian Bridge in Sixi, one of the famous sister bridges of Sixi.

An unforgettable experience to view the bridge from the south side of the river, including the stone steps river crossing. (Dingbu)
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