Boil & Broil, Shanghai


⏰ 11:30 - 23:0011:30 - 23:00

💵 CN¥955 - CN¥1,910

🌏 150 Hubin Lu 3F, ShopE06, Hubindao Shopping Mall, Shanghai China (View map)

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This European style brasserie and bar serves classic bistro dishes. Sprawling across two floors in Xintiandi’s Hubindao shopping mall, choose from indoor or outdoor seating - and be sure to try their signature "crab boil" that we’ve heard will keep you full and entertained the whole meal.
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👆 Web ⏳ 14-10-2016

Very good French Restaurant

Boil & Broil is a very nice French restaurant focus on seafood and their speciality is the Crab, what more can we ask for? I had a dinner there with my friends and we had a very good moment. Restaurant: The decoration is simple and nice, the tables are very comfortable with their big sofa and the lights are cosy but bright enough to see what you eat (so many restaurants where you eat in the dark). But the most amazing part of the restaurant itself are the two huge terraces with a great view. One terrace is on the same floor as the restaurant with big round sofas, and the second one is actually a crazy rooftop (after taking a private elevator) where you can enjoy cocktails, barbecue, comfortable big bags, etc. Honestly, one of the most impressive rooftop in this area. Food: My friends and I tried many different dishes such as Smoked Salmon (appetizer-98rmb), Foie Gras brûlée (appetizer-98), Bouillabaisse (appetizer to share or main dish for one - 178rmb, very famous French dish), Roasted Chicken (main dish-148rmb) and of course the best of the best the whole 1kg CRAB (depends on market price but around 500rmb), this was awesome, very nice and fun to share with your friends and super good taste! All the others dishes that we tried were very high quality as well, my favorite was the Foie Gras brûlée to start, amazing appetizer. For the dessert, I highly recommend the choco tart, I’m usually not a big fan of chocolate but this tart is just crazy:) Bottles of wine from 250 to +650. Staff: Boil & Broil has a very nice French manager, Gabriel, which is very important I think in a French restaurant. He can explain to you the French dishes, how to eat such a big Crab, and advice on the wine! The rest of the staff was nice and helpful as well. I really recommend this restaurant to enjoy a moment with your friends or family, for a dinner or just a drink on the rooftop. It is not the cheapest but you have a very high quality of food and I think that is very important. It’s worth it for sure!
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