Congen Massage Healthcare Club (Ziyun Road)


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🌏 No.84 Ziyun West Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200000 China (View map)

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Kate B

Great foot massages!

The concierge at the Marriott recommended this massage location as cheap, clean and good for Westerners. I went for a 3 star foot massage, 60 minutes, which cost 168 RMB. It was a very good massage (which included about 15 minutes of shoulder and neck massage while my feet were softening in hot water). The therapist spoke some English - enough to understand whether I wanted more or less firm. I was so happy with this place that I returned with 3 friends a few days later. That time, we opted for the 5 star foot massage (208 RMB). The massage itself was not better than the 3 star one, though the therapists might have been wearing uniforms. I found them to be slightly less professional, though I was sitting in the same room as one of my friends, which might have contributed to that. I would highly recommend this place. Best to have your hotel concierge call in advance for reservation. We went to one on Nanjing pedestrian road (next to Zara), and only downside would be going onto a very busy and urban street upon exiting calm oasis.

Safe place for tourist to get good massage at fair price

Good foot massage at fair price. Paid $32 USD (208 RMB) for hour long massage by 5 star masseuse. Went to location on East Nanjing Rd (touristy section where no cars allowed). Note you don’t tip in Shanghai for massage services.
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