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πŸ’΅ CNΒ₯159 - CNΒ₯637

🌏 8 Finance Street Central Shop 3101-3107, Podium Level 3, IFC Mall, Hong Kong China (View map)

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 17-07-2019

Breathtaking Crystal King Prawn!

β€œCuisine Cuisine” is a Chinese fine dining restaurant with great ambience and amazing view. Private rooms are well equipped with a private washroom. Service is good. The Cantonese cuisine is of high quality and very delicious. The most breathtaking dish is the gigantic β€œSautΓ©ed Crystal King Prawn”!
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 27-05-2019

What a wonderful Dinner

We were graciously treated to wonderful dining experience. It began with a trio of an smoked egg with caviar and sea bass and steak cubes. Great small bites, great flavors. Served with Quintay Sauvignon Blanc fro Chili , 2016. This was my first experience with the vineyard and Sauvignon Blanc from Chili. It was beautiful aromatics and perfect with the food. We then had Braised bamboo fungi with assorted mushrooms. That also went really well with the Sauvignon Blanc. We then had a delicious deep fried groups topped with Chinese sweet vinegar sauce. It tasted great and it looked very interesting how the fish had been sliced and then appeared to sprout as a blossom. We were then served a Quintay 2012 Reserva Pinot Noir. It was specular with the above fish. It went perfectly with the deep fried crispy chicken. Next was poached baby cabbage with Maitake mushrooms in soy bean milk. A great vegetarian dish. The pan fried crispy noodles served with shredded chicken went really well with the vinegar sauce. They really combined well to bring out the flavors. Dessert consisted of mango pudding topped with chilled sago cream and pomelo. It was very tasty and not over sweet like a lot of puddings are. Cuisine Cuisine dessert delights were a sesame coated Lightly fried like a donut and a custard tart. The custard tart was also not over sweet. The service was spot on perfect. I never had to ask for water or for wine to be topped up. I am a food and wine fanatic and I was excited to taste such great wines. If you get a chance to find and drink these wines, Go for it. The food here is worth the trip.

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