Daxiong Grilled Leg of Lamb (Jinyuan), Beijing


⏰ 10:00 - 22:00

🌏 YuanDaLu 1Hao JinYuan ShiDai GouWuZhongXin 5Lou, Beijing China (View map)

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Image Daxiong Grilled Leg of Lamb (Jinyuan), Beijing

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👆 Web ⏳ 02-01-2013

If you like lamb you’ll love Big Bear restaurant at JinYuan shopping mall

If you go early for dinner you can get a table easily but leave it too late and you’ll have to be prepared to wait because the restaurant is small and very busy. As for the lamb, all I can say is "Yum". Big Bear staff will ask you what size leg you want (you pay per 500gm (yi jin) weight) and carry it to your table for you. There, you heat it up over the grill that sits in the middle of your table. Once it’s done, if you don’t want to do it yourself, the staff will cut it off the bone for you. They have side dishes on the menu but we’ve found that the vegetable plate from next door (the two restaurants are connected) is the best to eat with the lamb. The lamb fills you up so you don’t want to order too much extra. The staff is very friendly but most don’t speak English. This isn’t a big problem...you can walk over and point to the leg you want so don’t let the lack of English deter you from visiting. One thing to be aware of is that, as in most places in Beijing, people do smoke here.

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