E’meishan Jinding Scenic Resort


🌏 Within E’mei Mountain, Emeishan 614200 China (View map)

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Chow E

Religious Holy Golden Buddha Site

We reached this place with difficulty as it was winter and it was freezing with snow on the ground and slippery stairs/steps. Please bring enough winter clothing, snow boots, scarf and gloves. The golden buddha was very impressive and we feel that this is a place that was worth to visit.

Famous Buddhist temple

The temple is on the mountain above 3KM. The gold Buddhist is very impressive. The drivers of shuttle buses are excellent. The temperature is low. People need Winter coats. Someone have reaction to less Oxygen.

To a certain place in China.

The view is really great! On the top of the mountain, those clouds, those sunshine, let me as if in Alice Wonderland, unbelievable!

Holidays have

A TOP rated place to visit . Emeishan located at Sichuan China . A very scenic mountain , if you are lucky you will see the sea cloud and a beautiful sunset ????. Along the mountain way, you may stop by few spots for photo taking. On top of the mountain you will see a huge temple and a Buddha statue. A holy place for Buddhist to pray as well
John and Deb K

Teak Your Time

It’s a long way to the top, so take your time, get the cable c ar, then enjoy not just the scenery but the amazing temples. A wonderful place worth the time and effort. Good shoes, hat, sunscreen and water are essential
Annette H

hotels names up here very confusing especially if not Chinese

I booked hotel online (I had booked all the hotels myself while travelling through Chinafor 4 weeks). When we arrived to book in they showed us the worst room I have ever been in, the smell from the squat toilet was so bad. I marched back to the reception and told them I didn’t book to stay in squalor. After I sat for over an hour refusing to move they finally gave us a decent room. However I noticed that all Chinese who came to check in were taken upstairs to the better rooms and the white people were taken down to the really bad rooms. There was another hotel with the same name but really nice and a lot more expensive (not that this one was cheap). Just be careful what you are booking into.
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