Ganko Sushi, Hong Kong


🌏 Shop 106, K11, Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong China (View map)

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Adrian L
👆 Web ⏳ 06-08-2021

Good Quality Sushi at an Excellent Price & Friendly Service

Ganko Sushi offers excellent sushi at an excellent price. The service was good and the staffs were friendly. I was here for dinner and ordered one of the 14 piece deluxe sushi set, along with a Japanese teapot soup. The sushi were delicious with fresh fish and shellfish. Since their soy sauce is a bit stronger, a brush is provided for you to brush your sushi with soy sauce. That’s a good idea. I can’t wait to eat here again soon.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 27-09-2020


From the moment you walk in, you get this feeling of expectation. The food is very good. Freshest, tastiest and very well presented. Well done chef. You certainly get the quality you pay for. And after reading about their history, there is no wonder they thrive.
Kenneth L
👆 Web ⏳ 08-08-2020

Good sushi

Wanted to find somewhere which wasn’t a chain restaurant, so I found this place. As my lunch happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant did all necessary things to ensure diners were safe - temperature checks at the front door, perspex glass partitions between dinners, wet wipes on tables and social distant tables. The service was quick and polite. They ask you whether or not your want your wasabi inside the sushi (which is the correct way to eat sushi). The sushi was great.
👆 Web ⏳ 16-05-2020

Authentic sushi

Authentic sushi place to go when you miss Japanese sushi too much. Fresh and yummy. The combo of 10 is value for money.

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