Hangzhou Botanical Garden


⏰ 07:00 - 17:30

🌏 No.1 Taoyuan Ling, Xihu District, Hangzhou 310000 China (View map)

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Pretty area. Mostly forest, but it was very peaceful and makes a nice change from the other gardens in China.

Very nice

The gardens are very big. We went there to look for the Bamboo Forest but did not find it. What we did find were lots of tranquil paths and areas to explore where there were no other people around. It was a lovely place to just feel like you are out of a city. My advice is go with a good amount of time, put the map away and just walk and explore.

We loved it!

The gardens are beautifully maintained. The taxi dropped us at the North end of the gardens which was a great place to start.
We loved the bonsai area which I think ids called the potted plant garden.
The gardens house a museum to Hans Meilin. This is a highlight of the gardens and quite unexpected. Mr Meilin is a prolific Chinese artist with sculptures , art paintings and ceramics. This is a must see attraction if visiting Hangzhou
henry m

Not what I expected

Although a grade, this is more of a research area. Looked more like a forrest. But we enjoyed the walk and the plants are well marked.

It’s Ok to relax and tour the gardens and reallybig place.

We were able to take tour boat around the waterways. Reminded me of miniature South Louisiana swamp tour.

Ok thing to do, but not great....average.

If they had a beer or 2...it could have been better. But, tea is king in China.
Sofi NS

I had a good time there

I enjoyed our visit there. Ample plantation and water lillies. Now I am not a botanologist to be able to judge the varieties and the quality of the gardens but I found plenty of nice shooting opportunities. You can walk at the lake shores and feel comfortable and nice as many options are open to you. Take a boat ride, walk over bridges or seat in a cafe. 2-3 hours recommended.
sucitra O

Wonderful park trip

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