Hongcun Ancient Village


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🌏 Northwest Corner, Yi County 245500 China (View map)

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Famous Chinese ancient village

The Hui-style architecture of the ancient buildings is 800 to 1,000 years old, and from the southern Song Dynasty.
Edward G

Destroyed by commerce

This place certainly used to be a beautiful village, but I have just been to a knock off Disneyland. Every single house is now a coffee shop, generic souvenir stand, fast food or ’网红咖啡店‘. The soundtrack inside the village is naff techno pumping out of innumerable bars, power tools in construction areas, hawkers selling products. From the minute you arrive outside the gate there are scalpers offering knock-off tickets, hustling you to stay in their hotel or to be your guide. Admission was 104RMB. Hoards of teenage art students, my best guest - maybe 1000 - roam the village, adding their trash, noise, music played on phones and clogging up the alleys.

Reminds me exactly of LiJiang - a tremendous shame seeing a beautiful old place destroyed willingly. There’s no pretence of sustainable development, or caring for the soul of the place.

I regret I never had the chance to come 20 years ago before the local authorities got their hands on it. AVOID.
Monika K.

Charming village

By visiting this ancient village you can enjoy its picturesque scenery, learn about local rural life, folk culture and admire the unique architecture. The village has many stalls and places where you can buy something to eat and drink. Along the lake sat a lot of artists recording the charms of the village on paper.
The downside was the huge number of tourists, whose passing was quite bothersome on the narrow streets.
Joni H

Interesting village with much to offer

Though very touristy, I still like the subdue tranquil feeling I had when watching the young people sitting round the waters with their drawing boards..a pretty sight..there are quite a number of shops selling local souvenirs and delicacies but we didn’t have much time to enjoy them. Great if you have several hours to spend in this old town to enjoy it..

Lovely town

A lovely little old town with well preserved Hui style architecture and about 700 years of history. There are guided tours (in Chinese) that run every 10 minutes from the South entrance of the town. Possible to do as a day trip, or combined with some of the other attractions around the region.

Picturesque old water village

Visitors to the famous Huangshan mountains may choose to take a side trip to a few ancient villages close by and the picturesque Hongcun is probably the most well known, having been featured in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The most photographed spots are around the big pond at the entrance and the little one within the village. There is a historic big old tree walking left of the entrance and some ancestral halls near the little pond which are open and free to enter. Wandering around the narrow paths around the village is quite enjoyable since people still live there. Later in the afternoon seems a good time as the crowds thin.

very authentic old town with a marvellous lake around

When you are in the Yellow Mountain area, don’t miss to visit. A guide could show us many old houses and explain details we would not have seen without.
The lake is a great place to walk around and enjoy the view and - hopefully - the sunshine. (Take the kids at your hands on the narrow paths beside the water!)

An old Qing town in restoration

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