Jumeirah Guangzhou


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💵 CN¥1,153 - CN¥2,101

🌏 No.12, Zhujiang East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510623 China (View map)

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  • City view

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English, Chinese

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Jumeirah Guangzhou is in a centrally located urban spot – but being urban means balancing edgy lifestyles with rest and recreation. The hotel is designed by the prestigious KCA International, which designed Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai. Jumeirah Guangzhou offers 110 rooms and suites located from the 50th floor, Luxurious furnished rooms provide high speed Wi-Fi and cable broadband, Spacious bathrooms with natural bath amenities, Illy coffee machine and selections of tea, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, separate bath and shower area, custom-made bed and multiple pillow types helps guest to sleep well. The selection of accommodation includes Deluxe and Premier Rooms, and the Signature Loft Suites which extends over two floors and is the highlight of the hotel. The Presidential Suite creates an unforgettable experience with breathtaking city view and an outdoor terrace, enjoy the sunsets with full view of the stars at night and experience unforgettable hotel journey and Jumeirah Legendary Hospitality, Stay Different. Magnificent visual experience for the senses. The five food and beverage outlets offer a timeless celebration with themed music and lighting. Celebrity Chefs using exceptional seasonal ingredients with innovative concepts, freshly prepared in the show kitchen, guests can be immersed in magnificent visuals and indulge in the chefs’ imaginative creations. Rising from the flourishing and buzzing metropolis as its new statement address, Jumeirah Guangzhou is located in the heart of the Central Business District. Just steps away from the Financial Center and GT Land Winter Plaza which houses some of the world’s most prominent luxury shopping brands. Just a few minutes’ walk to Canton Tower, the City Museum, City Library, City Garden and Live Theatre. The property is a short walk from the metro, and 10 minutes from East Train Station which connects directly to Hong Kong within two-hour travel, 50 minutes’ drive to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.
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Campsay upon Crooked
⏳ 10-2021

A hotel that has refined everything to the best possible extent

The interior design of Jumeirah Guangzhou is superb, but its people are even more superb. They are fabulous to the extent that I believe it is the only hotel in Guangzhou that can challenge Mandarin Oriental on the area of service, and I will not be surprised if that challenge succeeds. The interior design of Jumeirah Guangzhou, be it the lobby, restaurant, or rooms, is grand. Here I need to play some games of language because the grandness of Jumeirah Guangzhou is different from how we conventionally conceptualize this word. It is grand, but not British, Oriental, New York, or French. It is grand in the fashion of Abu Dhabi. If I had taken a selfie in its lobby, posted it on Instagram, and set the location as Abu Dhabi, I am sure that no one would find it a joke. Some of us in East Asia may easily think of a grand but overly enclosed atmosphere without any air or light when I use the phrase “Abu Dhabi fashion”. It is not so here. Jumeirah Guangzhou's Abu-Dhabi grandness is accompanied by spaciousness and a high ceiling, which fills the environment there with lively air – not pressuring at all! However, when I say spaciousness and high ceiling, some of us may again think of a hotel that crazily and blindly pursues more and more grandness but has no attention toward detail and ends up being ugly and vulgar (Wynn hotels are perfect examples of such). It is never so at Jumeirah Guangzhou. The room and the lobby are spacious and high, but this hotel pays huge attention to details and inserts even the tiniest corner with substantial refinements that deserve appreciation. Jumeirah Guangzhou is spacious, but no space there is excessive – every inch is an art. The living area in the room – which is equipped with a long dining table, under the moderately lit chandelier extends from the high ceiling on the second floor of the room (yes, its room has two floors), and overlooks the most premium part of the central business district – is a perfect place for educated ladies and gentlemen to stay. A hotel with such unparallel hardware can easily suffer from the criticism of not having the right staff to make the best use of the hardware. However, Jumeirah Guangzhou does not only avoid this criticism; its people are excellent to the extent that I am afraid that even such exceptional hardware cannot supplement such extraordinary people enough! Its service did not just start at its front gate; it had already begun the morning on the day I would arrive. I received a call from Lexie when I was still having breakfast that day, who confirmed with me my room preferences and gave me her WeChat such that I could contact her whenever I needed anything. I texted her at 1 PM to see if, by any chance, I could already check in or not, and she gave me a really reassuring answer: "Of course, your room is already ready for you!" I cannot express how touching this arrangement by Lexie is. I have visited countless hotels, and I would always tell the hotels my room preferences at least one day before my arrival. However, no matter how high-end they are, all hotels would only find a room that kind of best matches my preferences out of the few rooms available by the time I checked in. Jumeirah Guangzhou is the only hotel that would really plan ahead to best entertain my room preferences. Simply by this quality, Jumeirah Guangzhou has already defeated all the hotels in Guangzhou. Then it was time to check in. I initially thought that a hotel as popular as Jumeirah would have an extremely crowded lobby. But, surprisingly, it was far from reality. As described above, Jumeirah Guangzhou has a truly spacious Abu-Dhabi-style lobby delicately decorated to the extent that every inch is an art. I do not know how the hotel managed to play this magic, but in such a beautiful lobby, no guest was waiting at all! I am sure it is not because the hotel was empty; this is one of the most popular hotels in the city. Because of this magic, the lobby was not merely grand but also particularly exclusive! Also, there was no need for me to ask for anything. From the very moment I entered the main gate, countless highly professional ladies and gentlemen already ran up to do whatever they could help me with. Even a child can check in by himself with the assistance of such a large group of professional talents! The absolutely outstanding services did not just stop at the spot of check-in. Lexie was always on the other side of WeChat to answer my questions in a manner that could not be more friendly (to the extent that I joked to her that she sounds like my elder sister!) and even physically popped up before my room to personally solve the issues. She would WeChat me to ask whether I had a good quality sleep in the morning and tell me that she had dropped a bowl of soup on my desk at night. I cannot think of a way by which you can be even sweeter, Lexie! Thank you so much for taking such a good care of me throughout (and even before!) my stay, Lexie. Jumeirah Guangzhou has really polished both its software and hardware to the finest extent. I do not know which hotel I should use the word "perfect" to describe if I am not using it with Jumeirah Guangzhou. I can truly see why even the most senior hoteliers in Guangzhou pay such tremendous respect to Jumeirah Guangzhou. …
Martha R
⏳ 09-2021

Afternoon tea experience

We came to Afternoon tea with friends, really enjoyed. The food was delicious and service very good. Thank you to Lobby Lounge’s Ford for taking care of us. There is also live chinese traditional music in the afternoon. Located in Guangzhou City Center it is really convenient to spend a day with friends.
Hong S
⏳ 09-2020

Amazing new 5 star hotel with very good service
新5 星酒店超级好服务

本来犹豫是入住这里还是四季酒店, 相比之下, 和前台服务生Jeff 在预定前联系的过程中发现这的/他的服务 比四季更贴心更灵活更快. Jeff 帮我预定了孩子最爱的粉玫瑰和贺卡和孩子惊喜. 我们决定在这里住一周. 入住后体会没有后悔这选择. 卓美亚酒店2019 新开业的, 室内装修很舒适很干净,入住是轻松舒适的体验. 房间用品吹风机/音响一流, 前台服务生Jeff 和他的同事们在入住期间对我们照顾得细心温暖. 帮我们调节预定下午茶和按照我们所需房间送餐. 孩子很满意很高兴. 这里的早餐/下午茶/冰淇凌质量和口味超级好吃. We were not sure either to book this hotel or 4 seasons Guangzhou. I contacted with both reception staff before our booking was made. By comparison Jumeirah hotel Guangzhou and Mr. Jeff provided me more personalized services such as ordering powder pink roses to my niece and writing a personalized greeting card to her as surprise gifts and adding more anti- bac sprays in the room etc The hotel was opened in 2019, decoration and facilities are of top qualitty. The room is very clean and new that is important for my family too. We also got great help from several hotel staff on our communications during the stay in Guangzhou. Overall it is a very satisfied experience by choosing Jumeirah Hotel Guangzhou. …
⏳ 12-2019

Outstanding Hotel

Had a brief stay in Guangzhou recently and the new Jumeirah Guangzhou is an outstanding new Hotel. Amazing rooms, great decor and amenities with the room evening having a Dyson Hairdryer. Love the colour scheme of the room and the service and food was excellent, being a Jumeirah Hotel they had some nice mediterranean food influences as well. Great stay and hope to be back.
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