Lao BaiJia PaoMo Guan, Xi’an


🌏 Bei Lin District Bei YuanMen 67, Xi’an China (View map)

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👆 Mobile ⏳ 21-04-2018

Eat like a local

Incredibly delicious food. I’d go as far as to say it was the best meal we had in Xian (and believe me there is heaps of competition!). We were the only westerners in here but the menu is under the glass top of the table and you can just point to what you want if you have limited Chinese. All food is served quickly and is delicious. I would recommend the pork buns, cumin spiced bread and lamb on willow stick. Everything was delicious, you should definitely be adventurous here, it will pay off!
👆 Web ⏳ 13-12-2016

Beef steamed bun, steamed meat is very fragrant meat I like it

The first back and forth Street eating and drinking, it is to pick the eye, do not know which to eat, which are good to eat, to see the line up to buy this bun, I decided to row on a row of small partners, , No exaggeration to say that the row of 20 minutes, 15 a, the beginning of the price to be very expensive Oh, with Shanghai almost, but a hand you feel the value of ~ full of full of beef, really Is stuffed Oh ~ taste is also good, is a bit salty ~

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