Made in China (Grand Hyatt), Beijing


⏰ 11:30 - 14:30

πŸ’΅ CNΒ₯127 - CNΒ₯637

🌏 1 East Chang An Avenue, Beijing 100738 China (View map)

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The saying goes, you haven’t experienced Beijing until you’ve dined at Made in China. An award-winning culinary destination for more than a decade, Made in China is the place to savor authentically crafted Beijing classics, including the signature Peking duck. Made in China, Chinese Restaurant received the MICHELIN Plate in 2020 Beijing MICHELIN Guide.
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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 06-01-2021

Excellent meal with friends

We made a reservation at Made in China for a group of 10 people on New Year’s Day. We were given a private room with a round table. We enjoyed two delicious ducks carved and served at our table. Dishes were plentiful and well made. We ordered various meat and vegetarian dishes; all were amazing. The service was also excellent. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 31-08-2020

An exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey

Since 2008, Made in China has been my favourite Chinese restaurant for Beijing flavor. If you are into food, all their dishes have no flaws for criticism. The kitchen brings excellent ingredients and flavors for each dish on the table and in terms of price, it is great value for money. The duck dish is one that I will order on business dinner occasion and the chef will cut the 6 best pieces for you when serving. The duck is always cooked to perfection at the right temperature. Skin is crispy and the duck meat carries great depth of flavor. On personal occasion, I would order dishes that will reminisce home cooking. The spinach with sesame sauce is one that I will always order. The spinach is cooked to perfection, and the richness of the sesame sauce that carries great aroma adds good flavor to the vegetable. Another home dish I would always order would be the stir fried cabbage with dried shrimps and chili. Of course, the dish comes with a very addictive soy sauce with a note of rice vinegar in North China style. The dried shrimps are very flavorful and that go very well with the cabbage. Chili blends the ingredients well and the sauce gives a wonderful finishing touch. This is a dish I have been ordering every time I visit this restaurant and the kitchen is never a miss on this dish. For my recommendation, I would advise all diners to save a bit of room for their Old Beijing Crepe cake with sesame paste. In BJ, they serve it as a main dish like rice and noodles but I treat it as a dessert. The crepe cake is phenomenal. It melts in your mouth on first bite. The crepe is razor thin, crispy and together with the paste to offer the moist mouth feel. The sweetness of the sesame paste is just right, not heavy like tasting a kilo of sugar in other restaurants serving the same dish. And to make it unique, even I tried at 1881 in SZ Grand Hyatt and Macao Grand Hyatt for the same dish, they can never replicate the same taste from the recipe at Made In China. I have tried many other Sesame Crepe Cake in Beijing and my verdict is that Made In China makes the best one. Warning, it is a highly addictive dish. I am sure everyone will repeat for another one. Not to mention their 5-wheat liquor chocolate ice cream as their signature dessert, I am in heaven every time I dine at Made in China. Overall, if you are going for photo op like taking fancy food photos, Made in China may not be your favourite place. But if you are into quality food, finesse in cooking, top ingredients and great value for food, Made in China will never disappoint you. For me, Made in China is an "exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey". Fair speaking, it is worthy for its "excellent cooking that is worth a detour" and a detour and a detour...
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 17-02-2020

Nice dinner

After i saw that this restaurant was recommended from TripAdvisor i wanted to try it. The food was tasty and the restaurant has a chic atmosphere. Stylish place and the hotel looks also great
Mike C
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 16-12-2019

Excellent meal in a private dining room

Fabulous meal served recently to soem friends and i. We had the Peking Duck in all its glory served with pancakes and served with some amazing chinese vegetables All in all an excellent evening and an even better surprise when the bill came - very reasonable for the calibre of restaurant and quality of the food. I will return.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 18-11-2019


By far the best meal we’ve had in a long time. Even went back for a 2nd time during our stay. My husband had the duck which he said was incredible. I had vegetarian dumplings and a spinach with sesame and secret dressing!! It really was good.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 24-10-2019

Our last great meal before our return to the US

Our last great meal before heading back to the USA. We dined at the Made in China at the Grand Hyatt in Bejing. Naturally we ordered the Peking Dick which must be ordered ahead of time. The cook came to our table and carved the duck and sliced the tender duck into serving plates. We ordered several other dishes which all were great.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 04-10-2019

Delicious and no time concern

We always go to this restaurant for roasted duck and fish soup when we were in Beijing? Even it hard to get it reserved during lunch and dinner, I asked my hotel concierge to book for me earlier or you just have late lunch since they are open whole day

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