Qian Qian Li Ya Yin Le Coffee, Shanghai


🌏 64-2 Fenyang Street, Shanghai China (View map)

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👆 Web ⏳ 02-09-2013

An original Vienna Music Cafe in Shanghai - WOW

Shanghai is a world-metropolis. Recently a cute Vienna Music Cafe, called Santa Cecilia has opened its doors. It’s a bit hard to find since it has basically only a window and a door from the front - but inside it is a truly original Austrian/Vienna Cafe. No joking - the cafe comes from a Viennese Cafe brewery and the cakes are also as original as one can do them in Shanghai. I spent a couple of times there on business trips and love the interior and the coffee - it is an inviting place to spend hours. They have WiFi as well - so for students, tourists, and a business break - it’s all possible there. They even serve snacks for lunch - not a lot of choice but it’s O.K. Bring Vienna to Shanghai - a cute idea....
👆 Web ⏳ 28-05-2013

Music! Music!

This delightful cafe, very Italian, is located close to the music conservatory and the streets of violin and piano makers. Full menu of espressos and appropriate cakes to go with it. The coffee cups each feature a different composer or musician. I came home with Liszt!

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