Royal Ocean World


⏰ 09:00 - 17:00

🌏 No.3 Gaoyang Road, Shenfu Xincheng, Fushun 113008 China (View map)

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Very entertaining

I went in the winter and there was a lot of stuff to enjoy. There are shows and static displays. Gift shops and the food is not expensive like you would expect.

Great Aquarium!

I really enjoyed my visit at Royal Ocean World. It is one of the best aquariums I have ever visited. The place is clean and the exhibits were nice. It took a couple hours to walk through all of the exhibits. I highly recommend!
Patrice E

Before you go.......

Fifty years ago, a new industry was born out of our curiosity & amazement of the adorable smiling creature that breathed air yet lived in the waters of our planet home. These amazing beings are from the Cetacean Nation. Scientists at Texas A&M University have discovered in their DNA studies of dolphins and humans that " every human chromosome had a corollary chromosome in the dolphin". Some scientists consider them "water people". Isn’t it time we end captivity of the "water people", allowing them to be free to be who they are & not our amusement toys? Research the facts about captivity & you will want them to be free!

An aquarium in Fushun, who woulda thunk!

It is a bit of a strange place to come upon in the middle of the barren industrial wasteland that is nowhere near either the ocean or anything polar. Royal Polar Ocean World is one of five attractions at this one extensive complex on the western edge of Fushun.

There is very little information in english at the site or on the internet, but you can make do. Remember "no flapping on the tanks".

The tour through the aquarium starts in a dark, humid, poorly ventilated area. For some reason ventilation is not something done in Fushun. You first see the polar bear. This is one very unhappy, stressed out animal is an enclosure that is way too small. Fortunately things get better. The rest of the tour takes you through a fairly extensive aquarium with decent sized and clean conditions for the animals. The variety of animals is quite good. There are some large walk through tanks and a dolphin show. Check timing for the show to make sure you catch it.
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