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🌏 No. 308 Chonggao Road 50MITERS East of the Crossing of Chonggao Road and Shaoshi Roud, Dengfeng 452471 China (View map)

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Your gateway to the Shaolin Temple....Deng Feng is a bit off the beaten path but we believe it is worth the journey. We created this place out of our love for Shaolin Kungfu and our desire to share this fascinating culture with the world. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and come visit us near the heart of Deng Feng. We are located one street over from the bus station and a short walk to the bus stop that takes you to the Shaolin Temple. Visit the birthplace of martial arts, Zen Buddhism and the first Daoist Temple in China, all from one location. Our neighborhood eateries are convenient and modestly priced. We offer unique tour experiences and touring advice. We are happy to help you locate the perfect Kungfu school for you if you think you have what it takes to practice Kungfu long term. Our English speaking staff is excited to meet you!!OUR HOSTEL OFFERS*2, 3 and 5 room dorms, several private rooms with and without restrooms *Free Wifi*Travel Information*Train and flight ticket booking*Onsite lessons in Shaolin Kungfu, Chinese Boxing, TaiChi and QiGong*Short walk from Song Yang Park, local shopping, restaurants, massage, Shaolin Weapons shops.LOCAL ATTRACTIONS*Shaolin Temple the birthplace of all martial arts *Wushu Guan: Spectacular Martial Monk Performances *Pagoda Forest, the largest in the world..A MUST SEE!!! *Bodhidharma’s Cave, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism *Song Mountain (One of Chinas 5 Sacred Mountains)*SongYang Ancient Academy, school to many Confucian scholars, 4500 year old Cypress Tree*ZhongyueTemple, the birthplace of Taoism*GaoCheng Astronomical Observatory-one of the oldest surviving observatories in China*Song Yang Park offers a small amusement park, dancing, roller skating, games*Luya Waterfalls, breathtaking display of natural beautyOUR UNIQUE TOUR EXPERIENCES*Private lesson with a Shaolin Kungfu Master. *Shaolin Zen Music Grand Ceremony, directed by Tan Dun (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero) Not your typical Chinese production show.*Kungfu Orphanage Tour*Deng Feng sites discount card*Yangze Three Gorges Tour*Tibet tours and permitsNEAR DENG FENG*Kaifeng-one of China’s Ancient Imperial Capitols (about 2 hours by bus)*Luoyang-another of China’s Ancient Imperial Capitols. Home of The Dragon Caves and the White Horse Temple (about 2 hours by bus)*Anyang-Home of the Oracle Bones (about 3 hours by train)
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⏳ 12-2014

Good Hostel to stay!

Staff in this hostel are so friendly ,they were patient to answer our questions ,and tried their best to help us to know more things about Dengfeng and Shaolin Temple. The room is very clean, and hot water is very strong. We saw great sunrise on the roof of the hostel! We were so happy that we have 3 nice days in this hostel.
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