Shibaoshan Town


⏰ 08:00 - 18:00

🌏 Southwest of the County, Jianchuan County 671300 China (View map)

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Perfect day trip from Shaxi

A day trip to Shibao mountain offers sights for everyone. This includes friendly wild monkeys, buddhist grottoes full of interesting carvings, stunning temples, and great hiking paths.

The ideal way to visit is the followining:
1) find a ride to the visitors station.
2) from there, take a shuttle bus to Baoxiang Temple (cliff temples + monkeys).
3) grab lunch at the parking lot, then take another shuttle bus to see the Grottoes.
4) hike all the way down to shaxi valley (~3 hours). The hike down is well paved, offers fantastic views of the shaxi valley, and passes by a few more carvings. At the end of the hike, you’ll find a concrete road which leads to the main highway.

An alternative plan is to bike to the trailhead, hike up, visit the temples, then hike back down. It can be done if you are reasonably fit and used to the elevation, but you will be very tired at the end of the day.

Possibly Worth a Detour

If you are visiting Shaxi, this complex is possibly worth considering the detour. It lies along the road to/from Shaxi from Jianchuan. We were traveling to Shaxi by private car, and paid the driver extra 100RMB to stop by and wait for us while we toured the complex for a couple of hours. The entry fee for the complex was 65RMB/ppl (half off for students/children, free for toddler/babies), but you will need to pay additional 40RMB/ppl (no discount for children, free for toddler) for the shuttle bus (it’s a very long walk, otherwise).

The complex consists of two primary areas: Baoxiang Temple and ShiZhong Temple. We didn’t take the time to visit the Baoxiang Temple area, except to see the monkeys. They are wild monkeys that have gotten used to tourists and locals feeding them. ShiZong Temple is the one built into the rocks. It requires a short, but steep hike to visit. They do not allow photography of the ancient artifacts and a friendly security guard stayed near us at all times. Oddly, free-wifi was available at the temple. We encountered a good-sized snake on the trail back to the bus stop - so take care! We kept our stay relatively short, but with more time, additional scenic and beautiful spots could have been visited.
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