Sing Lum Khui Noodles, Hong Kong


🌏 No.23 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 1f, Hong Kong China (View map)

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πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 02-05-2020

Amazing noodle.

You can make your own noodle. When you order your noodle you can choose how spicy, sour etc whatever you want and you can also choose topping on it! I really enjoyed my noodle. Want to visit again soon
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 04-05-2018

Recommended to visit

This is typical local taste. I’m not a big fans of Chinese food but I do like their taste. With soup or without soup, both are yummy. The think about this place is small. You may seat with other people in a small table. 4 times back to this place and they never made me disappointed. Their service is typical Hong Kong restaurant, faster service.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 30-03-2018

Nice for Noodles and Soup!

The restaurant is located in the 3rd floor and not easy to find, cause the entrance is kind of hidden. Thereβ€˜s a variety of ingredients you can add to your noodles or soup (menu is also in English). Just take care, if you mark the noodles as spicy. One time I chose β€šless spicyβ€˜ and it was actually really spicy. But never mind, it was tasty anyway. Furthermore the lady at the cashier is really nice and friendly! Free WiFi and an USB charging plug is available at the tables.
Olivia P
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 14-01-2018

good food/customization but bad service

i think overall hong kong has bad service. waiters are inattentive and often rude. given that, this restaurant was good. you can customize your own broth/toppings and was relatively very cheap. we went twice during our 4 day trip. i loved the pig intestine!!! μ§„μ§œ 3λ°•4일 쀑 2번 κ°”μ–΄μš¬γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ λ§›μžˆλŠ”λ° μ„œλΈŒμŠ€λŠ” μ’€...
Jennifer Y
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 04-12-2017

Best noodle I had in Hong Kong

I will miss this place. I wish I could've gone couple more times. This place was small but they had really tasty noodles. I love spicy food so I requested mine to be spicy and I got exactly what I wanted. Must try.

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