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Location / Nearby Skycab Cable Car (Wynn Palace)


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Image Skycab Cable Car (Wynn Palace)

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Antoinette G.✈️

A must!!!

I had a great time with my friend!! Love had such a great time! Overall, I loved my stay in Macau!!!!!!!!!
Irina M

Free cable car with fountain view

The Skycab has all along been one of my son’s favourites. He enjoyed both the fountain show and the cable car ride. He was overjoyed when we stayed in Wynn palace with the unlimited access to the skycab without needing to queue again. However, the Skycab only starts at 4pm these days, whereas I used to be able to bring him for Skycab after lunch during pre-covid times.

very enjoable

It ’s really good to shoot here. The beautiful water dance show dances with music. Under the baptism of water dance on hot summer days, the wind can feel the water temperature slightly cool. , Watching the water dance show from a height is also very enjoyable ~ Of course, just look at the outdoor pool of Wynn Palace????
The toilets of Wynn Palace are magnificent and beautiful, you can also visit
Charmaine M

Cable cars

Riding the cable car wasn’t just enjoyable, it was also amusing. I was really satisfied when I went got on the cable car on Wynn Palace. This cable car wasn’t just any normal one, this one got fastened whenever it revolves. My kids were larking when we got on and higher and they didn’t wanted to disembark and demanded to get on again.

While riding on, it showed out family the attraction wall Apa per which was set on our eyes when we got out. The cable car was so big it was like a winding house and it plays a water parade every five minutes. It has a seat for four and a map of Macau on the top. It goes 10-20 km per hour.

My son, which was seven years old enjoyed the view, on the other hand my daughter, which was 9, studied the map. It was a delightful trip and we all wish to have back the time to go again. Even though it was fun, it was really petrifying.

I recommend you to go to the Wynn Cable car as it has the best view of macau and a ride across the city. It was a pleasant day and we all rose out of out turtle shells, finding the real view of what macau looks like.

Free ride, well appreciated

Free round trip cable car ride viewing an outdoor fountain show and that gives you the taste of a 5-star hotel even if you cannot afford one. It is very exciting for the kids.

Free ride

Nice free ride. I like to go there many time because it a great view and excited when go on the top.
Chris T

Nice way to enter the casino

This is a free ride connecting the Wynn Palace to the rest of the Cotai Strip. It is perhaps 5 minutes and it is a comfortable ride with a view of the lake with the fountains below. A nice break from the gambling.

Very fancy way to arrive to the casino ????

Great new attraction, you can go to the casino by a cable car. It is free, and as you fly above the outdoor lake, you can enjoy music during the fountain show

Very fancy way to arrive to the casino ????

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