Spruce Plateau (Yunshan Ping)


⏰ 08:30 - 18:00

🌏 Eastern Foot of Yulong Snow Mountain, Yulong County 674100 China (View map)

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Location / Nearby Spruce Plateau (Yunshan Ping)


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Image Spruce Plateau (Yunshan Ping)

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worth but not much

due to coronavirus the impression show has been cancelled (24 january), so we chose this attraction instead. 1 day later also this placed has been closed.

Stunning view

Best recommendation by our tour guide to see visit the spruce plateau instead of going up the glacier park at the jade dragon snow mountain. Unless you are part of a large tour group going up the glacier park is almost impossible. Our private guide recommended this trail and we got stunning views of the mountain top too. A nice and easy walk but bring along a can of oxygen - it does help with the breathing at this height.

Must visit, especially for the views and walking trails

Drove to the bus terminal near the mountain and transferred on to a bus for the next leg. Then took the cable car to the plateau. After a 15 minute walk through the trees (there were men working on new washroom facilities and replacing the wooden walkway, but not enough to impede our walk), we came across the meadow. It was vast, with many sheep grazing on it and the first trees of the forest at the foot of the mountain, far away. The view of the many peaks in the distance was amazing. Great photo ops. At 3000 metres above sea level, the air was a little thinner, wth some people carrying portable oxygen bottles which can be purchased at the base (not sure if you can get them higher up). Most did not have the bottles, and they seemed fine.
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