Starbucks (Xidan Joy City), Beijing


🌏 XiChengQu XiDan BeiDaJie Jia 131Hao XiDan Da Yue Cheng 2Lou 33Hao, Beijing China (View map)

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Image Starbucks (Xidan Joy City), Beijing

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Daniel A
👆 Web ⏳ 16-05-2017

Long lines but worth the wait

The lines were long on a warm sunny Sunday but the Frappuccino was worth the wait. The lines were long but there were many cashiers open so the wait wasn’t very long at all. In addition to that, the air conditioning inside Joy City was working so it was more enjoyable than venturing outside for a cold coffee. Each and every time I have to go shopping with my wife, I’ll head to this Starbucks as it makes the shopping less excruciating.

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