Wan Ling Tea House


⏰ 10:00 - 19:00

🌏 1st Floor, No. 1, 156 Yu Qing Road Xuhui District, Shanghai 200031 China (View map)

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Location / Nearby Wan Ling Tea House


Located in Shanghai’s central Xu Hui district. Wan Ling Tea House is conveniently accessible from central sites and metro lines 1, 9 and 11 at Xu Jia Hui station (exits 13 or 15) or lines 10 and 11 at Jiao Tong University (exit 1). Offering a wide selection of Chinese tea wares and Chinese teas, including organic tea. Wan Ling carefully selects all our teas personally on her regular sourcing trips around China. Our Yuqing road tea house is a great place to relax. We have a public tea room and also a private tea space which is available to hire and is ideal for groups of 2-16. We run a series of customised experiences including tea tastings and tea art demonstrations. Whether you are just visiting for a short trip and would like a 1-2 hour tea tasting or tea ceremony demonstration, or would like to enrol on a longer tea education programme Wan Ling Tea House is a great choice. Friendly English language service.
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Lovely Experience at Wan Ling Tea House

Everything about Wan Ling Tea House is serene and calming, and Wan Ling herself radiates peacefulness. I’m very glad I visited! It was so interesting to watch her make teas in the traditional Chinese style, and learn about the different varieties of tea. She does not stock trendy flavored teas and blends, but you can be certain that what you buy there is of the highest quality and you don’t need to fear being ripped off as tourists often can be in the big tea markets. Be sure to call or email in advance, as she no longer operates out of a storefront that you can just drop by - visits are by appointment only.

Hospitality, deep knowledge, unique approach, soothing atmosphere.

ingemaje lotus

An authentic tea experience away from the tourists

When I bought tea from Wan Ling, I didn’t have only a bag of splendid, interesting and unique tea. Wan Ling also offered me loads of inspiring information about my tea in a really relaxing room with soft music, delicate fragrance of insense together with quite a lot of nice cups of tea. I don’t think Wan Ling can help it, but simply has to share her enthusiasm with tea:) . A meditative experience.

Wan Ling has her own personal approch; emphasizing ancient tea bushes as well as her preoccupation with old, natural methods in tea production. She seems to have a inspiring respect for planet Earth and her riches. If I lived in Shanghai I would like to follow her tea education and courses to learn from Wan Ling.

Wan Lings Tea House is placed in beautiful French Connection. Quiet surroundings with many trees.

Best thing we did in Shanghai!

Wanling’s Teahouse is a hidden gem, tucked away in the leafy Xuhui district of Shanghai (very close to the beautiful French Concession area too) and yet only a short walk from metro stations on either line 1 or 9. Wan Ling will treat you to an authentic gongfu tea ceremony and you will taste some Chinese teas you have never heard of. Her stories of where and how they are produced are fascinating, and it is worth taking a notebook! Wan Ling’s subtle and intuitive approach leaves you feeling informed without being pressured, and her spoken English is fluent. I fully recommend a visit.
HK Hiker

Great experience!

The lovely Wan Ling accommodated up at such short notice and was an incredible host! Gracious and knowledgeable, she gave us a fabulous insight into the ancient tea traditions as well as talking to us about the differences between the recent ’vintages’. Her lovely, gentle manner made our whole experience a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai and kept our children interested as well. I couldn’t recommend this experience more highly and cannot wait for the latest tea harvests to reach the UK!

In depth and amazing experience

I booked the tea tasting workshop and I can say I was positively surprised. The workshop was only for me. The duration was 2hours and it was very interactive, as I got to choose which teas I would like to try and she explained me not only how to prepare them, but how do they harvest, how many kinds of this tea you can find... it was my first time in a tea tasting workshop and I enjoyed, she has a lot of knowledge!

visit Wan Ling’s new tea house

My friends and I attended Wan Ling’s teahouse workshop and all found it incredibly interesting! Wan Ling gave us a very insightful introduction to the history and background of Chinese tea whilst showing us samples of the tea leaves that had been brought to Shanghai from rural parts of China. This was followed by a demonstration of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, in which Wan Ling also explained the detailed process and purpose of the different cups used. We then each got the chance to try carrying out the process of making the tea ourselves which we all found not only fascinating and tasty, but very relaxing and soothing. The traditional setting of the tea room also helped create a very relaxing ambiance. If you’re interested in Chinese tea or Chinese culture in general, I would highly recommend visiting Wan Ling’s teahouse!
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