West Lake (Xi Hu)


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🌏 West Lake Scenic, Xihu District, Hangzhou 310000 China (View map)

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Location / Nearby West Lake (Xi Hu)


Considered one of the most beautiful sights in Hangzhou, this scenic lake is sheltered on three sides by hills, with open flat land to the northeast where downtown Hangzhou is located.
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Image West Lake (Xi Hu)

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A must-see in Hangzhou, beautiful view and fun activities all year round

West Lake is one of the most famous places in Hangzhou. Boating on the West Lake in the fall deserves to be put on the to-do list. A West Lake boat ride will show you the sights that provided centuries of poets with endless inspiration.
Richard A

Afternoon Walk

Lovely scenery; just too many people; too many cars trying park up; too many long queues; too many e-bikes on paths

Stunningly beautiful

A huge, and beautiful lake that is the main reason for visiting here. Around the lake there are temples, pagodas, and gardens to feast your eyes upon and you must take advantage of the myriad of ferries that can take you to all points around the lake. As our time was limited we only had time to go to a small island which has lake within a lake which is especially good for viewing the reflection of the moon. Today it is more famous as the image found on the Chinese 1¥ note. A great day out if your time allows.
The D

Romantic Chinese atmosphere

Wonderful lake, natural park and romantic ancient vibes surrounding it all. Very reccomended to rent a bike and tour the area

Great historic spot with fantastic scenery.

Took a dragon boat out on the island. If you go to Hangzhou you must do this. The island is steeped in history and mystery and the scenery is absolutely fantastic. Fortunately many of the plaques that tell you about the different areas are also in English.
Further along the shore walking with the lake on your left, keep going and you will find a wonderful tea room. Go to the top floor and the view is out over the lake. The Westlake green tea here is fantastic.
Laura G

Hangzhou with Jenny Tours

It was raining, but the West Lake was still beautiful with the bridges, lotus plants, gardens and pagodas! A boat tour of the lake is a must!

Simple serenity

We visited the West Lake via a cruise in August 2019. This was a lovely and relaxing way to take in the scenery. The boat we were on had a very loud group of locals who were also on tour. They unfortunately made it very difficult to hear the historical and cultural significance of the West Lake, but we enjoyed our time nonetheless. There is plenty of opportunity to take photos and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful location.
Annika N

Always a highlight

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